Resources for Entrepreneurs

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Here are some resources that will be helpful for delivering the perfect pitch:

  1. “Mad Libs”
    To create a perfect opening sentence for a pitch or a perfect pitch in one sentence.
  2. Guy Kawasaki
    Get his take on the pitch (some good stuff here except this is geared to a 20 minute pitch not a 7 minute pitch so 10 slides is probably 2 to 3 slides too long).
  3. Tell a Story.
    Here at Road Pitch, we are big fans of entrepreneurs telling a story with their pitch. The link above is to a good blog post on the subject.

“Fresh Tracks Road Pitch 2015 provided Wheel Pad L3C with the forum to present an idea for a successful company. The win let me know others agreed it was a good idea, but more importantly, the Road Pitch community continued to support the business evolution with feedback. Most significantly, a savvy Road Pitch gang member joined the Wheel Pad team, pushing me to excel in all aspects of my business planand now, execution of that plan. I feel lucky. As my Father always said, the harder one works, the luckier one gets. Thank you, Road Pitch, for inspiring me to be lucky.”

– Julie Lineberger, President, Wheel Pad L3C, presented at Brattleboro Road Pitch event 2015

Portrait of owners of Wheelpad, Brattleboro Pitch Winner
Photo credit Bob LoCicero